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Eight Yoga Fashion Trends that We Love Now

February 28, 2018

With the advent of yoga selfies and videos online showing different poses and practices in yoga, the type of clothes worn by practitioners has become more important. Yoga clothes can show group allegiances, personal styles, or even be used to display personal growth. However, with this emerging market there has been more concern about the look of this once functional type of clothing. Here are 8 yoga trends that are popular right now.

1. Workout Wear Out of the Gym

As the clothes for yoga get more expressive, they are also being worn outside of the gym or workout area. Because more people are working from home or in a more relaxed office setting these days, expect to see more of this trend in the future.

2. Crop Top Bras

These are crop tops with a difference. Supportive and pretty, these crop tops can easily pass as casual wear, and go with a variety of bottoms.

3. Harem Pants

Harem pants are so comfortable that you will want to wear them all the time. Inspired by Indian sari pants, these come in a variety of fabrics and colors, and are good for traveling and casual wear, as well as for yoga workouts.

4. Body Suits

A trend that seems to have been stolen from a past generation. Because this outfit is all in one, there is no fear that the shirt will ride up or the pants down. That means no annoying adjustments throughout your session. This piece also layers well if you want to take it out into the street.

5. Brighter Prints

Whether it’s tropical prints or just bright blocks of color in random patterns, yoga clothes are getting bolder and brighter and even a little bit crazy. All you need to wear this trend is a little bit of courage.

6. Bras That are Cute and Functional

From crop tops to bralettes that are super supportive and made of material designed for exercise, it’s about time that designers realized the need for better support for active women who still want to look good in their outfit.

7. Shredded Everything

This is where your clothes look like they’ve been ripped up in the washing machine. The fashion for shredded clothes indicates a certain amount of rebellion from the norm and is a good example of how clothes for yoga are becoming another way to express yourself.

8. Cell Phone Pockets

This is probably not the best trend, particularly for yoga, but it seems to be catching on. Because we like to be connected at all times, some yoga pants now are made with a small pocket in the side of them. Only for those who can’t survive for an hour without checking their tweets.

Yoga clothes don’t just have to be functional. Recent additions to the market have shown that the clothing can be as beautiful or as expressive as the rest of your wardrobe, so don’t be ashamed to let your workout clothes shine.

How Long Will It Take Me To Become Flexible Through Yoga?

July 27, 2017

The Duration It Will Take to Do Yoga Exercises for One to Achieve Maximum Body Flexibility

Yoga is one of the fitness exercises that people may practice to keep themselves physically fit. A lot of people have been asking how long it will take them to attain the body physique that they are longing for. The truth is that Yoga is not a vigorous exercise but it can be very effective when practiced well. Not all yoga exercises work the same or have the same effect so you should carry out yoga exercises that will yield the physical fitness or health impact or status that you want to achieve. This is why people should undergo a yoga training exercise for them to learn the effectiveness of every yoga exercise.

How Frequent You Do the Exercises Determines the Outcomes

Yoga is comprised of sessions. These sessions could be of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or even a few hours. The more sessions you do per week the quicker your physical fitness results will come. Owing to the fact that yoga exercises require maximum silence, many people tend to get bored with their first sessions. When you don’t practice regularly, you will have a delay in achieving maximum body flexibility. Experts reveal that doing five 60 minutes yoga sessions per week is enough to make a person achieve maximum body flexibility in two months.

Do the Perfect Exercises for the Right Fitness Goal

There are exercises for weight loss, there are exercises for depression elimination and there are exercises for body relaxation. You can do all these exercises if you have the time but if you just need to accomplish a certain fitness goal, you should do the perfect kind of exercise that will make you achieve your fitness goal. When you do the right exercise for the right fitness goal, you will achieve your fitness results quicker that you expect. Find a yoga expert to teach you the effect of every yoga exercise on your body if you want to get good results.

Supplementing Yoga with Other Exercises Helps

When you do yoga alone, your body flexibility and physique will come slow. When you include other exercises like weight lifting, pushups, jogging and press-ups, you could end up achieving the best fitness results within a very short time. For example when you want to reduce abdominal fat, you can start practicing sit ups to exert pressure on your abdominal muscles so that you burn excess fats in that area. This is the best way to ensure that you achieve your desired fitness status within a very short time. You can even hire a yoga expert trainer who will show you all that needs to be done for you to achieve a good body physique.

The bottom line is that achieving complete body flexibility from yoga solely depends on how well you practice and your frequency of exercising. If you commit yourself and practice regularly then you will achieve your fitness results within a short time frame. Yoga requires commitment and dedication which is why it is good if you can get some friends to practice together. Five one hour secessions per week are enough to make you become flexible within months of practicing. If you don’t know how yoga works, then enroll in a yoga school or hire a yoga expert to teach you.