In Love with Matcha

January 12, 2020


I waited a long time to jump onto the matcha train. But once I did, I’m not sure if anyone is getting me off any time soon. There are so many options of how to include it in your healthy meals.


Yes, it is a trendy tea. But it comes with so many health benefits as well.

Matcha has strong antioxidant properties. There are more powers in it than in dark chocolate. This might be a sad realization for me. But only until I figured that the goods you can make with it top chocolate like whipped cream.


It has detoxifying powers.


What matcha is essentially are dried and ground green tea leaves. You then ingest them fully as opposed to green tea where you only get a hint of them through steeping. So, be careful of how much matcha you really enjoy because its effects are strong. It has an enormous dose of chlorophyll. Its function is to bind toxins and flush them out of your system. It is also why after a cup of green tea, you might feel lighter and rejuvenated. At least I know I do.


Coffee makes you skyrocket your energy levels and then crash in the same manner. Green tea helps sustain your energy levels at around the same intensity for longer periods of time. You might not feel the rush from it, but you’ll feel the zen and focus that will give you.


It boosts your metabolism.


It is due to the antioxidant called EGCG. Again, we’re at the point where it leaves you so fresh and so clean.


Here’s the perfect smoothie to top your sweat-drenching morning workout. Bring together cucumber, coconut shavings and possibly some milk (depending on how liquidy you want your smoothie to be), kale, one of the healthiest and trendiest leafy greens, and matcha powder. You’re going to fly off by just tasting how good this is. Plus, its green color in itself will make you as powerful as Popeye.


Stress, seasonal colds, allergies, and hormonal imbalances throw us out of balance.


Filled with Nutrients


Matcha is rich in antioxidants which support the natural detoxification of cells. The more deeply and brightly colored fruits and veggies, dark chocolate, red wine and matcha powder all contain them.


Pair those with healthy fatty acids found in avocado, ground flax, hemp seeds, and leafy greens.


Selenium is yet another nutrient that helps decrease stress and reduce inflammation. It is most commonly found in boiled egg yolks, pumpkin seeds, other greasier nuts, and you’ve guessed it, matcha.


Probiotics help increase cell activity and boost immunity. They are found in raw honey, natural yogurt, and fermented foods and drinks, like red wine and kombucha. Pair any of those with our matcha and you have one boosting treat for your body and mind ready.


Did you get tired of being tired once your coffee wears down? Green tea, the main and only ingredient in matcha, possesses a quality that will slowly elevate your energy levels and then keep them going for longer periods of time before lightly wearing out of your system. Like with anything in life, don’t overplay their strength because it might not leave you feeling well, but taste test if matcha is something your body appreciates. You might as well be on trend with it.


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