Training As A Yoga Teacher

March 23, 2019

(Even if You Don’t Plan to Teach)

For those who want to learn more about yoga, following the instructions of your teacher in a class, or taking a class by video, are adequate ways to learn more about the practice. Many are content enough to follow along and learn all they can from the teacher. It never occurs to the student to train as a yoga teacher because he or she does not aspire to teach yoga to others. It is something you may want to reconsider because many benefits can come from the training a teacher takes. 

Expanding Your Current Practice

If you tend to go to the same classes weekly, a definitive routine can develop and make it difficult to progress within your practice. By following a training course in yoga, you are expected to be able to guide others within their practice, thus expanding on your own. Moves that you may have passed on before are no longer an option, as it is up to you to show others what to do. It just might be the extra push you need to let go of fear and impress yourself.

Expanding Your Knowledge

Teachers reveal a lot of wisdom and small pieces of information to their students. By signing up for a training program, you have direct access to this yoga wisdom that before may have seemed like a privilege for a selected few who honestly decided to study the art of yoga. You might start to see yoga differently, as you can apply your newfound knowledge directly to your practice.

Mind Over Body

Most classes that a yogi takes are related to asanas and the body. Those who follow a training program are required to learn more about meditation and the mind. You might find yourself focusing even more on the training of your mind, and realize the importance of this is equal to the training of the body.

Bonding With Fellow Trainees

There is a different kind of environment that is created when you put people together within a class of people who are all there to learn. Questions are asked, help is given, stories are shared, and bonds are created. You are all going through the same process together, learning to be vulnerable, to let go of insecurities, and to trust others. Cultivating these relationships will set you up for the confidence and emotional stability to continue your personal journey through all forms of yoga. 

Going through the process of 200+ hours of yoga teacher training is a challenging yet rewarding process. Your ultimate goal may not be to stand in front of a class or to teach others all about the process, but that doesn’t mean you won’t learn a lot about yourself. 

As you are taught to have compassion and love for others, hopefully, you will learn to have this same love for yourself. The journey through yoga is the journey through self, and following a program through teacher training is a great way to teach yourself the emotional strength you need to progress. It is a unique process and is likely one of the greatest experiences you can ever give yourself. Take the chance today to expand your knowledge on a practice that you already hold dear to your heart.

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